10 Ways to Speak Smartly and Impress

We all talk, but how many of them are true? Meaning, we commit so many mistakes while talking and later we realize that we should not have said this thing or we should have said this on this matter, etc. That's why many times people get bored with our words. They take offense to our words, start ignoring us and some people even laugh behind our back after hearing our words. Speak Smartly is not about trying to impress others; it's about effective communication that fosters understanding and connection.
10 Ways to Speak Smartly and Impress
10 Ways to Speak Smartly and Impress
Talking cleverly does not mean that we have to trick someone with our words, but the better we talk to people, the more people will like us, value us, and will also listen to us, ask for advice from us and people will also like us. Our respect will also increase in their eyes. Therefore, it is very important to think thoughtfully and tactfully while talking. Learn to speak smartly. Know these 10 ways,

10 ways to Speak Smartly:

1) Talk on current topics:

Many times, when we meet someone, we talk about Hi, hello, how are you, but after that, we do not understand what to say next, then in such a situation, you should talk about current topics, even if it is about winning a gold medal in the Olympics. Be it any new news about politics, any new movie, or any breaking news about the country and abroad.
Current topics can be on any topic, you just have to understand that you have to choose the current topic according to the interest of the person with whom you are talking and talk.

2) Speak with Confidence:

10 Ways to Speak Smartly and Impress
10 Ways to Speak Smartly and Impress
Confidence in your speech reflects confidence in your ideas. Maintain good posture, make eye contact, and speak in a clear and audible tone.

3) Talk according to the interest of the other person:

While talking, talk according to the interest of the other person, that is, if the other person is interested in sports, then talk about sports, if he is interested in films then talk about any film, this will make him talk to you more openly and nicely. You will be able to do so, and your conversation will be better.

4) Talk according to the mood of the other person:

First, see the mood of the person with whom you are going to talk and talk to him accordingly. For example, if the other person is happy about something or sad about something, then you also have to talk to him accordingly.

Even if your mood is not good at that time, for some time you have to talk according to the mood of the other person. By doing this, the conversation will be done in a good manner. If you do not do this then the other person will not like it and it is possible that in the future, he may not be able to talk to you openly about anything.

5) Make jokes in between:

10 Ways to Speak Smartly and Impress
10 Ways to Speak Smartly and Impress
To make your conversation fun, you can also joke a little, like you can make someone laugh by telling some funny things of your own, jokes, sharing some interesting thing, by doing this the other person will become more comfortable with you and will feel and he will be able to share some things. 

Here you have to keep some things in mind like while joking, the other person should not feel bad about anything you say. 

If you are talking to someone older than you or you are talking to your seniors, then do not joke with them because they may not like it.

6) Get to the point:

Sometimes we start explaining our things in detail and because of this, people start finding your words boring and no one gives much importance to what you say, no matter how correct your words are.

Instead of explaining things in detail, you should directly talk about the issue in fewer words and if your point is really strong then people will definitely listen to you and then after that, you can tell all the things in detail but while starting the conversation You get straight to the point in fewer words; This is the most accurate way to talk cleverly.

7) Don't argue:

If during the conversation the other person is adamant on his own point and is arguing with you, then in such a situation, see how much the thing on which the other person is arguing with you means to you; If that thing is not important then there is no point in arguing about that matter, then in such a situation you can get out of there by talking smartly i.e. by making some excuse and avoid the argument.

8) Avoid any conversation like this:

If you want to avoid talking to a person, then you cannot say no to him in front. In such a situation, when that person tries to talk to you, then talk to him in minimum words and talk to him about whatever he asked you about. Talk only about that thing.

 If you don't want to talk about something, then get a little emotional and refuse to tell them about that thing, this will not make the person feel bad and by talking smartly in this way, you can avoid talking to them.

9) Use body language:

10 Ways to Speak Smartly and Impress
10 Ways to Speak Smartly and Impress
While talking, use your hand movements, and facial expressions, keep a slight smile on your face, maintain eye contact, and nod your head while listening to the other person. face nodding. These are some things which you have to use while talking, because of this people will listen to you carefully, they will not get bored with your words, people will keep their eyes on you, and you will be able to make a good impression on people. 

Suppose you are standing on the stage and there is a crowd of people in front of you, then you can use body language more openly so that people can understand what you are saying better. 

10) End the topic correctly:

Many people carry on a conversation properly but when the time comes to end the conversation, they are not able to do so properly, and this makes people feel that you are not interested in talking to them.

 You have to end the conversation smartly, using sentences like “It was nice talking to you”, “I liked your thoughts”, and “You are a good person”, which means that you want to give a special experience to the person in front of you. feel so that the other person will be happy with you and your conversation will end well. 


So today through this article we learned about some of the best ways to speak smartly which include talking according to the mood of the other person, talking according to the interest of the other person, joking in between the conversation, etc. Talking in words, avoiding a conversation or argument by making excuses, talking about current topics, ending the conversation properly, and using your body language properly; All these things were mainly included. 

Remember, speaking smartly isn't about showing off; it's about fostering meaningful and insightful conversations that leave a positive impression on those around you.

So guys, please do tell us in the comment section how you liked this article; Also, if you have any suggestions, please let us know and also tell us on which topic you want an article.
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