What is Emotional Intelligence? Best ways to Increase them

There is a very special thing in all of us that makes us truly human and that is our emotions. Now we all have emotions but sometimes we are not able to understand the emotions of others properly and the main reason for this is the lack of emotional intelligence in us. By improving emotional intelligence, we can understand people and their feelings properly and at the same time, we are also able to know ourselves well.

Not only this, but because of emotional intelligence we can build good relationships with people, our career grows, and we can move ahead in our lives. Therefore, today through this article we will learn about some such great tips, by which you will be able to improve your emotional intelligence to a great extent.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Understanding the feelings of others, appreciating the feelings of others, sympathizing with others, and putting oneself in the different situations of others. Apart from this, understanding yourself well, making changes in your behavior so that people do not face any kind of problem due to your behavior and at the same time taking care of your own feelings in different situations, this is what we call emotional intelligence. 

Why is Emotional Intelligence Important?

Emotional intelligence is crucial because it helps us handle feelings, both ours and others, in a smart way. It's like having a guide for understanding and managing emotions. This skill makes friendships better, helps us work well with others, and eases stress. When we're emotionally smart, we can solve problems calmly and communicate effectively. 

It's not just about knowing how we feel, but also understanding how others feel. This makes us kinder, better team players, and more successful in life. In short, emotional intelligence is like a superpower for getting along with people and making life smoother.

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

1) You get to know people well. 

2) Your relationships become better. 

3) You can do teamwork well. 

4) You become a good leader. 

5) You can move forward in your career. 

6) You understand yourself well. 

7) Your social skills improve.

Some best ways to increase emotional intelligence.

1) Observe people's behavior: 

Emotional- Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
  • Often the way people behave with us, we also behave with them in the same way. But you should not do this because doing so can spoil your relationship with that person. So, suppose if someone is talking to you angrily or indifferently, then in such a situation, you too should not talk angrily, rather you should talk to that person very calmly and ask the reason for his behavior and his situation. We have to understand and find a solution to whatever is troubling that person. With this, you will be able to understand people's behavior and their feelings, and this will increase your emotional intelligence.

2) Listen well to what people say: 

  • While talking to people, instead of interrupting them, listen to them carefully, try to understand their feelings and after listening to them properly, respond to them.
  • For example, if a person is sharing his sorrow or any problem, then listen to that person carefully and then tell him your opinion. With this, that person will feel good after talking to you, he will connect with you emotionally and you will also be able to understand his words and his feelings well and this will also increase your emotional intelligence.

3) Empathy: 

Emotional Intelligence
  • Empathy means putting yourself in the situation of others. For example, if any of your friends is troubled by something, then in such a situation you have to put yourself in your friend's place and see. This will help you understand his problems and his feelings. Therefore, empathy also helps a lot in increasing your emotional intelligence.

 4) Control yourself:

  • While talking to someone, never share everything out of emotion. Apart from this, you should not do such things as saying wrong words to someone in anger or doing something due to which you will have to face serious consequences later and you should maintain control over yourself.

5) Do self-analysis: 

  • You should self-analyze yourself, that is, observe your own behavior and your own emotions. Be a little aware of yourself and see what the things that make you angry, make you feel negative, sad, and troubled. Or you feel sad and then keep yourself away from those things. 
  • Apart from this, also see what makes you happy, when you feel good from within, and when your mood is good. With this, you will know very well about your feelings and your behavior, and your emotional intelligence will increase. 

6) Take the opinion of others:

  • Ask your family members or someone close to you about your behavior because sometimes we are not able to be so alert about ourselves and knowingly or unknowingly due to our behavior we hurt the feelings of others, such as our behavior. Being too angry or irritable, making fun of others, using wrong words in conversations, talking in a loud voice, or getting upset over small things. 
  • So many times, we do not pay attention to things like these, hence it is important to take someone's opinion. With this, you will get to know about your behavior better and you will be more alert in future, apart from this you will also be able to correct your mistakes.

7) Take care of your emotions also: 

  • Emotional intelligence: Understanding the feelings of others and appreciating their feelings is not only emotional intelligence, but at the same time you have to take care of your own feelings also. For example, if someone is hurting you again and again, is abusing you, or is playing with your emotions, then first of all distance yourself from that person and if things are going beyond limits. If so, then give him a clear warning and if he still agrees, take strict action against him.

 8) Keep thinking practically: 

  • Remember, it should not happen that you harm yourself or get yourself into trouble every time for the sake of people's feelings or for the sake of keeping their heart. Along with your emotions, you also have to keep practical thoughts in mind, otherwise people may trap you in the trap of these emotions or do some harm to you. Therefore, along with emotions, you need to have intelligence as well and only then your emotional intelligence will be able to improve well.


So today through this article we learned how we can change our behavior, do self-analysis, take care of our feelings, take advice from people, control ourselves, understand people's feelings, and You can increase our emotional intelligence by showing empathy and thinking practically. 

So, guys, please do tell us in the comment section how you liked this article; Also, if you have any suggestions, please let us know and also tell us on which topic you want an article.

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